About Us

Oasis Materials Technology (OMT) has specialized in providing Minor Metals, Deposition materials, Semiconductor & Photovoltaic Materials, Rare Earth Elements, and rare earth permanent magnets for years. Our products are used in many kinds of fields, such as aerospace, medical, electronic, semiconductor by research institutes and high-tech enterprises.

Supported by our rich experience in the field of high purity materials, we are able to help customers select materials, design products and provide them with technical support. We have an independent laboratory for use of the development and test of new materials and providing customers with technical consultancy.

Our features:

Reliable quality
OMT runs a very strict quality control(QC) system, including raw materials selection, production control, products inspections, fine packing and delivery.

Competitive prices
OMT’s wide channel, high efficiency and deep cooperation with the factories make us have advantages in costs. Meanwhile, we have established Supply Chain Management and Lean Production systems to reduce costs. Therefore, we are able to provide high quality and reliable products at most competitive prices.

For more information, you can reach us at

Email: sales@oasismaterialstech.com.

You are also welcomed to visit our web page at www.oasismaterialstech.com.