OMT provides high quality Chromium Metal, Chromium alloys, Chromium Chemicals, and other customized products.

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Symbol: Cr
Atomic number: 24
Atomic weight: 51.9961

Its element is a silver metal with a hard texture, a shiny surface and a high melting point. It is odorless, tasteless and malleable.

It can improve the strength of steel and has excellent heat resistance. It is used in the manufacture of superalloys (super-heat-resistant alloys) for aircraft engines and nuclear energy equipment, and plating.

Oasis Materials Technology supplies Chromium products as following: 

Chromium Metal: Chromium wire,  Chromium tubes,  Chromium rods,  Chromium sheets,  Chromium discs, customized machined  Chromium parts

Chromium Alloys: Chromium Nickel alloys, Chromium Cobalt alloys, etc.

Chromium Chemicals: Chromium Carbide powder, Chromium Diboride (CrB2) Powder and Chromium metal powder

Our Chromium products

Product Name Description Inquiry
Chromium Carbide powder Cr3C2: Cr: ≥84%, T.C.: ≥12.8%
Density: 6.68g/cc, F.S.S.S: 2-7μm
Welding, flame spraying, plasma spraying, HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel).
Chromium Metal Powder (Cr Powder) Cr: 99.9%, 1-10μm Inquiry
Chromium Metal Pellets (Cr Pellets) Cr: 99.95%, 6mm x 6mm or customized Inquiry
High Purity Chromium Bar / Chromium Rod Cr: 99.95%-99.99%
10mm-100mm diameter x L
High Purity Chromium Block Cr: 99.95%-99.99%
Chromium Metal products Cr: 99.95%,
Chromium tube, Chromium sheet, Chromium plate, Chromium Ring
Chromium Diboride (CrB2) Powder Purity: ≥99.9%
Particle size: -100 Mesh, -325 Mesh

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