Molybdenum Crucible

Oasis Materials Technology provides high quality molybdenum crucibles with customization capabilities and competitive prices.

We can provide molybdenum crucible manufactured by two processes. One is sintered molybdenum crucible, its density is among 9.8 ~ 10 g/cc, by which way molybdenum crucible is sintered directly by molding. The other one is forged, density for forged molybdenum crucible can reach 10.2g/cc.

Mo-La alloy (Lanthanum oxide doped molybdenum) is also used to make high temperature molybdenum crucible, Mo-La alloy crucible can tolerate higher temperature (~200℃+) than pure molybdenum crucible .

Application for molybdenum crucible (Moly crucible)

Molybdenum crucible is mainly used in metallurgy industry and mechanism process industry, and molybdenum is an indispensability material in rare earth smelting industry. Molybdenum crucibles are more frequently used in crystallized materials, and other burgeoning high technology industry.

Specification for molybdenum crucible:

Our company can produce various molybdenum crucibles, such as round Molybdenum crucible, tapered Molybdenum crucible, ellipse molybdenum crucible and bottomless molybdenum crucible, rectangular molybdenum crucible, square molybdenum crucible. Molybdenum crucible also can be produced according to drawings.

Dimensions of molybdenum crucible by sintering & forging

Process Moly Crucible Size(mm) Tolerance(mm)
Diameter(mm) High(mm) Diameter(mm) High(mm)
Sintering 10-500 10-600 +/-5 +/-5
Forging 10-130 10-200 +/-1 +/-2

Shapes of our molybdenum crucible: Cylinder molybdenum crucible, Tapered molybdenum crucible, Rectangular molybdenum crucible, Square molybdenum crucible.

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