Evaporation Materials

Our evaporation materials are designed to meet your requirements and conform to all systems and processes. In addition to standard materials, OMT also provides customized products. Our materials are available in granules, pellets and powders with a variety of packing sizes.

Pure Metal Evaporation Material

We provide pure metal evaporation materials by Chunk, Foil, Pellet, Wire, Rod, Shot, Slug, Tablet, Granules and Powder form per requirement.

Alloy Evaporation Materials

Oasis Material Technology provide alloy Evaporation Material with composition per customer's request by many forms.

Nitride Ceramic Evaporation Materials

We provide Nitride Evaporation Materials, Aluminum Nitride, Boron Nitride, Chromium Nitride, Germanium Nitride, Iron Nitride, Hafnium Nitride, Niobium Nitride, Silicon Nitride, Tantalum Nitride, Titanium Nitride, etc.

Oxide Ceramic Evaporation Materials

We provide Hafnium Oxide, Gadolinium Oxide, IGZO, ITO, IZO, Dysprosium Oxide, Lanthanum Niobium Oxide, Holmium Oxide,Tantalum Oxide,Ytterbium Oxide, etc.

Carbide Ceramic Evaporation Materials

We provide Carbide Evaporation Materials, Boron Carbide, Chromium Carbide, Hafnium Carbide, Iron Carbide, Molybdenum Carbide, Niobium Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Tantalum Carbide, Titanium Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, etc.

Fluoride Ceramic Evaporation Materials

Our Fluoride Evaporation Materials: Cesium Fluoride, Chromium Fluoride, Dysprosium Fluoride, Erbium Fluoride, Gadolinium Fluoride, Hafnium Fluoride, Lithium Fluoride, Lanthanum Fluoride, Magnesium Fluoride, etc.

Silicide Ceramic Evaporation Materials

Our Silicode Evaporation Materials: Chromium Silicide, Hafnium Silicide, Iron Silicide, Magnesium Silicide, Molybdenum Silicide, Niobium Silicide, Nickel Silicide, Tantalum Silicide, Titanium Silicide, etc.

Sulfide Ceramic Evaporation Materials

Our Sulfide Evaporation Materials: Bismuth Sulfide, Cadmium Sulfide, Calcium Sulfide, Chromium Sulfide, Copper Sulfide, Germanium Sulfide, Indium Sulfide, Iron Sulfide, Lead Sulfide, Magnesium Sulfide, etc.

Boride Ceramic Evaporation Materials

We provide Boride Evaporation Materials: Aluminum Boride, Cerium Boride, Chromium Boride, Hafnium Boride, Iron Boride, Lanthanum Boride, Magnesium Boride, Molybdenum Boride, Nickel Boride, Tantalum Boride, etc.

Selenide Ceramic Evaporation Materials

Our Selenide Evaporation Materials: Bismuth Selenide, Cadmium Selenide, Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, Copper Indium Selenide, Copper Selenide, Gallium Selenide, Germanium Selenide, Indium Selenide, etc.

Tellruide Ceramic Evaporation Materials

Our Telluride Evaporation Material: Aluminum Telluride, Antimony Telluride, Bismuth Telluride, Cadmium Telluride, Gallium Telluride, Germanium Telluride, Indium Telluride, Lead Telluride, Manganese Telluride, etc.