Fabricated Molybdenum

OMT provides Molybdenum boat, crucible, electrode, fastener, heating element, heat shield, spinning nozzle, ion implantation component, custom shape

Molybdenum Machined Parts

Oasis Materials Technology provides tailor made pure molybdenum, TZM Alloy, Mo-La Alloy machined parts. Molybdenum Electrode, Molybdenum Spinning Nozzle, Ion Implantation parts, TZM Alloy parts, Mo-La alloy parts.

Molybdenum Furnace parts

We provide all tungsten and molybdenum parts that is use in high temperature furnace system, such as tungsten & molybdenum crucibles, Molybdenum and tungsten heater, Molybdenum heat shielding, Molybdenum cover plater and liner, etc.

Molybdenum Fasteners

OMT now have the capacity of making micro molybdenum nuts and molybdenum screws as M1.5 and M2.

Molybdenum Tubing

The smallest Molybdenum tube we can carry is 0.187” outer diameter with 0.025” wall thickness, largest can be with 500mm outer diameter.

Molybdenum Crucible

Oasis Materials Technology provides high quality molybdenum crucibles with customization capabilities and competitive prices.

Molybdenum Foil

Oasis Materials Technology can provide the thinnest molybdenum foil with 0.01mm thick.

Molybdenum Plate

Oasis Materials Technology provides molybdenum plate by both forging and rolling.

Molybdenum Sheet

Oasis Materials Technology can provide molybdenum sheets, TZM alloy sheets, Mo-La alloy sheets per request.

Molybdenum Bar

Oasis Materials Technology provides Molybdenum Rod & Molybdenum Bar (Mo Rod & Mo Bar) and various forms of Molybdenum

EMD Cutting Wire

Oasis Materials Technology provides molybdenum wire manufactured using excellent stability, good tensile strength, and high precision cutting.

Molybdenum wire

We can provide molybdenum wires (Moly wire) with the different diameter, ranging from 0.18mm to 4.0mm.