Fabricated Titanium

OMT provides C.P. titanium and titanium alloys semi-finished products (titanium foil, titanium sheet, titanium strip, titanium ribbon, titanium rod, titanium wire, titanium bar, titanium tubing).

Titanium Sphere

Regular diameter we have in stock is 1mm, 2mm, 5mm for grade 23 & grade 5 titanium ball.

Titanium Welded Pipe & Tube

Titanium welded pipes can be used in heat exchangers and condensers, all kinds of corrosive fluid transmission pipeline system, Titanium bicycle tube, automobile exhaust pipe and offshore aquaculture, etc..

Titanium Seamless Pipe

Oasis Materials Technology provides widely used in heat exchangers and off-shore equipment titanium seamless pipes.

Titanium Rod

Oasis Materials Technology provides a wide range of high quality titanium rod and other titanium products.

Titanium Welding Wire & Rod

We provide titanium welding wire & titanium welding rods with different material grades and dimensions.

Titanium Wire

We provide C.P. titanium wire and titanium alloy wire according to customer’s requirements.

Titanium Plate

Oasis Materials Technology provides high quality titanium plate.

Titanium Sheet

Oasis Materials Technology provides square sheet, rectangular sheet, circular shapes or according to customers' drawings and specifications.

Titanium Ribbon

We provide titanium ribbon mostly with grade 1 and grade 2 titanium.

Titanium Strip

Oasis Materials Technology provides titanium strips with good quality and competitive price.

Titanium Foil

Our Titanium Foil is C.P. titanium rolling products with thickness ranging from 0.02mm up to 0.09mm.