Machined Titanium

Oasis Materials Technology provides special shapes like fitting, flange, fastener, custom products are available.

Titanium Flange

We provide all types of titanium flange per ASME B16.5 specification, mainly titanium slip-on flange, titanium blind flange, titanium weld neck flange and titanium lap joint flange.

Titanium Fittings

Oasis Materials Technology provides titanium pipe fittings (titanium tee, titanium reducer, titanium stub end, titanium pipe plugs, titanium pipe nipples, titanium caps, titanium couplings, titanium bushings.) per ASME B16.9 specification, material is Gr1, Gr2, Gr7, Gr9, and Gr12.

Titanium Fasteners

Titanium fasteners include: Titanium screws, titanium nuts, titanium washer, titanium bolts. Pictures for our titanium fasteners.