Other Tungsten

Oasis Materials Technology offers high quality tungsten products. Check out the properties of our other tungsten products.

Tungsten Disulfide Powder

Oasis Materials Technology provides high quality Tungsten Disulfide products.

Tungsten Carbide Powder

OMT provides tungsten carbide powder with average particle size range 0.5µm to 60µm.

Tungsten Trioxide

Tungsten Trioxide is also named as yellow tungsten, we also provide tungsten oxide with other color as blue and purple.

Tungsten Powder

Oasis Materials Technology provides Tungsten powder widely used in the production of tungsten weight fillers, tungsten alloy radiation shielding fillers and induction accelerators, etc..

Polymer Tungsten

Polymer Tungsten (also known as Tungsten-filled Polymer) is a composition of various resins and Tungsten powder which are mixed together through special metallurgical technology.

Tungsten Granules

Our tungsten granules are made by breaking forged tungsten parts, instead of coarse tungsten powder or sintered tungsten powder.

Porous Tungsten

Oasis Materials Technology provides porous tungsten rods and porous tungsten sheets, porous tungsten disc with porosity from 20% to 50%.