Tungsten Composites 

Oasis Materials Technology offers high quality tungsten composites products. Check out the properties of our tungsten composites parts.

Electronic contacts

We provide tungsten copper and tungsten silver electronic contacts with different compositions accordingly to different usage.

Heat sink

OMT provides complete service for copper tungsten, copper molybdenum, pure molybdenum, Cu-Mo-Cu and Cu-Mo70Cu-Cu heat sinks.

Tungsten Silver

OMT provides Tungsten silver rod, Tungsten silver plate, Tungsten silver cube, Tungsten silver ring, Tungsten silver block, Tungsten Silver electrode and other customized tungsten silver parts.

Tungsten carbide copper

OMT provides tungsten carbide copper rods, CuWC plates/ blocks and tungsten carbide copper machined parts.

Tungsten Copper

OMT provides Tungsten copper rod, Tungsten copper plate, Tungsten copper cube, Tungsten copper ring, Tungsten copper block, Tungsten Copper electrode and other customized tungsten copper parts.